Get more control of your day with Microsoft 365

Time is one of the most precious and scarce resources, and managing it well has been a goal for people in both professional and personal settings. Time is fragmented in real life, where you need to manage your work and personal times, and your digital life where you keep track and manage it across various apps.

Over the past few months, managing time has become even more challenging. While there are benefits to a more flexible schedule, people are now facing charges in how they live, work, collaborate, and take care of themselves and their loved ones. Those changes have resulted in overcrowded calendars with more meetings and the prep and follow-up work that come with them; that, in addition to the blurred lines between personal and work time and space, has been emotionally and physically draining.

The insights we shared last week from Microsoft’s research and telemetry show that the changes people are facing are real and contribute to the lack of well-being they are feeling. Across Microsoft 365, there was a 30% increase in scheduled meetings and a 1000% jump in video calls in the last few months. This abundance of meetings with 30% of them going over the scheduled time and a 52% jump in the number of instant messages between 6 pm and midnight are also blurring the lines between work and personal spaces.

It is understandable why many people are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. People report feeling the need to be “always-on” now more than before, without time to disconnect and recharge as we see a month over month surge of 30% in created tasks starting in March. In a time where people feel the need to be “always-on”, not even the weekends are safe as a 200% increase in Teams chat on Saturdays and Sundays was recorded.

You need ways to manage your time that evolve as the world changes. We recognize that and are working to do so across Microsoft 365, whether in Outlook, Teams, To-Do, MyAnalytics, and other apps. We hope this first set of new and updated experiences will help you get more control of your day, spend less time preparing for meetings, protect your personal time, and organize your calendar to stay balanced.

Spend less time preparing for meetings

Online meetings and video-calls have replaced the informal hallway conversations, the office drop-ins, and even some of the social conversations people have. More meetings also mean more time needed to prepare for them and ensure follow-ups happen. Easily finding the files and emails you need for a meeting can help you spend less time preparing for it.

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