How to Make presentations with Microsoft office on Mobile Phones

If you don’t want to make presentations using Microsoft Office on your desktop. You can use your mobile phone instead.

You can also download and install Office from app store and redeem the key at on your mobile phone and you the Powerpoint app to make your presentations. Once the installation is done you can open powerpoint and start making beautiful presentations like you do on your Laptop or desktop.

Follow the steps to make your presentation

  • Open Powerpoint of Microsoft office app installed on your device.
  • Select new template for your blank presentation
  • Choose the templates to make your presentation look professional and good.
  • Add a slide in Microsoft office powerpoint.
  • Add title and text into the Microsoft office powerpoint slides.
  • Insert desired animation to make the text look beautiful and attractive.
  • Add transaction between slides of Microsoft office PowerPoint.
  • After adding all the slides Save the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation on your mobile phone

Once you successfully create a presentation you can open it anytime to edit or add new slides and also you can run the PowerPoint presentation in front of your clients.

Make sure that you redeem the office key only at or

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