How to Redeem and Install office?

Every office software comes along with a specific key that needs to be redeemed at or at

Whenever you purchase office make sure you get the product key along with it. The office product key are 25 digit alphanumeric characters. Office is available both online and offline.

Purchasing office online.

Purchasing office online via website. We have to make sure to provide a valid email. Office product key is send through and email after the purchasing is sucessfull.

The email includes guideline of how to redeem and install the product. It provides step by step procedure to install the product. After checking the email visit and follow the guidelines properly.

Purchasing office offline.

We can directly visit any of the local store and purchase office from there. The store will provide the card which contains the key. Office product key and needs to be scratched.

While scratching the card for product key make sure that its done with care. If may end up loosing your product key if not scratched carefully.

Then visit and follow the procedure written on the office product key card. that you purchased from the store.

Redeem the key at and follow the procedure.

For office installation help visit .

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