Microsoft Teams displays now available!

Reimagine your workday with Microsoft Teams displays, a new category of Teams device solutions that combine productivity, collaboration, and artificial intelligence into one seamless experience. Teams display is the first all-in-one touchscreen device dedicated to bringing the Teams to experience to life; by channeling your alerts, schedule, calls, and meetings into one device you can free up your PC and mind space to the task at hand and minimize distractions. Most exciting, Teams displays are powered by Cortana, transforming what would be an ordinary video phone into a powerful personal assistant.

Whether you are at home or in the office, Teams displays change how you work.

1. Teams at your fingertips a device dedicated only to Teams, displays bring together everything you need to stay in the rhythm of work: chat, meetings, calls, calendar, and files can be accessed instantly, freeing up your PC for other tasks. Engage in high-quality calling and meetings with your colleagues with industry-leading microphones, cameras, and speakers built-in.
Formfactor Dedicated Teams devices like Bluetooth headsets (left) and displays (center) create a more reliable calling and meeting experience.

2. Everything you need to know, the at-a-glance customizable home screen of the display shows you key alerts from Team, your schedule highlights, and shortcuts to key communication apps like calling contacts voicemail. Ever been heads down in a deliverable and can’t remember what is next in your day? Take a look at your display to stay caught up without skipping a beat. Customize your notifications to surface what is important to you and reduce pings and distractions from your primary work device or mobile. Finally change your wallpaper from a variety of delightful preset options, with the capability to add your own coming soon.
Microsoft Teams Displays2Microsoft Teams displays can be personalized to include wallpapers and highlight important activities and notifications.

3. Use the power of Cortana to go hands-free
Use voice commands to leverage Cortana in your daily tasks. You can make requests like:

“What is on my calendar today?”
“Share this document with Megan”
“Join my next meeting”
“Add Joe to this meeting”
“Present the quarterly review deck”

Take back the time from little tasks with built-in voice assistant capabilities.

4. Better together with your PCMicrosoft Teams displays seamlessly integrate with your PC to bring a companion experience that allows for seamless cross-device interaction. You can easily lock and unlock both devices from your connected PC, open files, or messages on one with the option to respond on the other. You can even split the contents and participants in meetings across two screens, so you can consume information while maintaining contact with your collaborators.
Better Together.pngUsing Microsoft Teams displays allow for a distributed meeting experience across devices.

5. Enterprise privacy, security, and compliance Microsoft Teams displays ensure user’s privacy and meets enterprise-grade security and compliance in several ways:
With a camera shutter and microphone mute switch, users can feel assured that your conversations and video will remain private.IT admins can securely manage, update, and monitor Microsoft Teams displays through the Teams admin portal. Users will securely sign in with their enterprise Azure Active Directory credentials. Voice assistance experiences are delivered using Cortana enterprise-grade services that meet Microsoft 365 privacy, security, and compliance commitments.

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