Take advantage of accessibility in Office Documents

When you create a document and ensuring its accessibility is your responsibility. By creating accessible documents, you guarantee that they can be accessed, read, and used by more people. Simple things like using headings to easily navigate a long document. Using text contrast that’s easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions make a big difference. We’re excited to share a small update with big impact designed to help you. That ensure you have the right files to make your documents accessible.

Modern documents are all about empowerment and inclusion

The modern Office file format (Open XML Format) provides many advantages for users of Office 365. Including industry-leading collaboration or engaging 3D content. The benefits also extend to accessibility scenarios. Providing people with disabilities and everyone they work with robust capabilities to make their documents accessible.

In this update to the office 365 Accessibility Checker. We are introducing a simple flow to check and ensure you’re using the most accessible file type. If not, we’ll offer a quick way to help you ensure that your document is optimized and easily consumable. By people with disabilities. For example:

  • In the Accessibility Checker pane, you’re encouraged to convert your document into a format. That can take full advantage of Office 365’s accessibility capabilities.
  • In the status bar notification tray. You’re given a reminder that the Accessibility Checker is unavailable for the current document type. office.com/setup

In File > Info when reviewing file information. You are prompted to convert the document as it is currently in a reduced-functionality mode.


As we continue to look for simple ways to get more Microsoft office 365 documents to be accessible to more people. I hope you find this update useful and valuable.

Please continue to share feedback so we can all work together to make documents accessible for everyone. Also visit and promote our website
office.com/setup www.office.com/setup

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